Stock/Price Guide

Stock/Price Guide

Summer Bedding Packs *Not ready for planting out

· Begonia semperflorens, Gazania, Impatiens, Lobelia trailing/bush, Marigold - French, Marigold - American, Nicotiana, Petunia Double 6/12 Packs Half £2.99 Whole 5.80

· Geranium F1 Double 6 packs Half 4.60 Whole £8.99

Bedding and Basket Plants *Not ready for planting out

Angelonia, Argyranthemum, Bacopa, Begonia Non Stop, Begonia Trailing, Bidens, Brachyscome, Craspedia globosia, Dichondra Silver Falls, Diascia, Dahlia (dwarf), Euphorbia White Sparkle, Felicia variegated, Ipomea, Laurentia Avant Garde, Lysimachia, Nemesia, Nepeta, Petunia - Million Bells, Petunia - Surfinia, Sanvitalia, Verbena 

All £1.85 per 9/10cm pot

· Fuchsia - Bush, Trailing, Buds of May £1.85 per 10cm pot

· Geranium - Bush/zonal, Trailing £1.99 per 10cm pot

· Sweet peas £1.20 per 9cm pot


Variety best to ask.

Some in stock include: Coreopsis, Hemerocallis, Helenium, Asters, Hardy Lilies, Lupins, Heucheras, Monarda, Polemonium, Pulsatilla

Roses, Rhododendrons and Azaleas

We have over 30 varieties of roses, rhododendrons and azaleas available. Before you order, please have a think about the type (climber, patio, bush, floribunda, standard or Peter Beales roses) and colour you would like.

· Roses from £8.99

· Rhododendrums from £12.99 (3L pots)

· Azaleas from £10.99 (3L pots)


Variety best to ask.

Some in stock include: Acers from £ 23.95, Camellias from £16.49 3L pots, Ericas from £8.99 3L pot, Pieris from £11.49 2L pots, Ribes from £9.99, Choisya from £11.95, Syringa vulgaris from £16.99

Climbers include: Clematis, Hydrangea anomala petiolaris, Ceanothus, Jasminium officinale (also Jasminium off. Fiona sunrise, and off. Clotted Cream), Tracheospurnum (jasminoides, asiaticum and jasminoides variagatum)

Fruit and Vegetable Plants

· Herbs 9/10cm £1.65 1lt £3.99 or 3 for £10

· Veg packs £2.50

· Cucumbers £1.99 9cm pot

· Tomatoes £1.50 9cm pot

· Chilli Peppers £1.50 (mild, medium, very hot) 9cm pot Other Veg £1.99 9cm pot

· Strawberries £1.50 9cm pot

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